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PHONE: 800-493-4438

FAX: 800-472-6435


25 Manton Ave.

Providence, RI 02909


As a family-run design and manufacturing company for more than eight decades, we have earned a formidable reputation as the leading maker of inspirational gifts. Our headquarters are in Providence, RI, and we sell all over the country and to several other countries, as well. Our own on-site creative staff includes artists, sculptors, and model makers. We offer original, message-driven giftware for every occasion, at prices that provide exceptional quality and margins.




Fritzi Frey Tracey has been a designer, graphic artist, and illustrator for CA Gift for 19 years. After graduation from Connecticut College, with a BA in illustration, she settled in RI, about an hour from her home town of Lexington, Massachusetts. She is inspired by all she sees around her, in her beautiful home town of Wakefield, RI, surrounded by forests, fields, streams, rivers, and of course, the Narragansett Bay and Atlantic Ocean. Further motivation for creativity comes wildlife, nature, gymnastics, dance, Arielle Arts, and especially her friends, and other artists she works with, and most definitely her family: Loving and supportive husband and CA Gift Company President, Leo Tracey; Talented, creative, and precocious daughter Anika (14); kind, athletic, and hard-working son Jackson (12), and cute, energetic, "teacher-of -patience" dog, Kyla (2)